Pros and Cons of Buying a Lake House

Lakefront living in Calgary is a dream come true for many. To make sure you find the ideal property for you, take the time to consider the pros and cons of this type of home. We are ready to walk with you every step of the way to find your dream lake house.

Benefits of Owning a Lake HousePros and Cons of Buying a Lake House

1. It is a reliably wise investment

Buying lakefront property has been a good investment for decades, and will continue to be one based on the inherently limited number of them. There are only so many lake houses on any given lake, meaning owning one puts you in an advantageous position should you decide to sell.

Whether you plan to keep the lake house in the family for generations, or simply want to invest in a lakefront property for a time, buying a house on the lake is an investment you can count on.

2. Home will feel like vacation

If you purchase a lake house to relocate to as your primary residence, you will benefit from living in a vacation-like environment all the time. The relaxation and quality of life it brings will be worth every bit of effort.

Many owners of lake houses find that they love entertaining and staying active even more than before because of the beautiful location. Enjoy all the benefits of vacation during your everyday life as a lake house owner.

3. Your hobbies are right outside your door

When you live on the lake, enjoying your favourite hobbies is easy. Fishing, bird watching, water sports, and swimming are all available just steps outside your backdoor.

Considerations when Owning a Lake House

We won't call them drawbacks or cons because we believe owning a lake house is an excellent choice, but there are some things to keep in mind and be both financially and mentally prepared to manage.

1. Lake houses require extra care

Lake houses are subjected to the elements in a way many other homes are not. This means wear-and-tear that will require additional maintenance and potential repair over the life of the home. Humidity from the water and sand, dirt, and moisture tracked in from the lake are all likely to degrade some of the building material over time.

Be prepared to pay careful attention to the condition of your roof, decking material, windows, floors, and more to keep your lake house in good condition.

2. Insurance costs may be higher than your current home

Due to the increased risk of flood, and other potential natural disasters, homeowners insurance for a lakefront home tends to be higher than for other properties. To make a well-informed decision, get a few insurance quotes for lake houses as you are looking at them to get an idea of the cost you can anticipate.

3. You may have boats of strangers in your backyard

Living in a lake house means both more privacy and potentially less privacy. How so? Well, having a lake in your backyard means never having to worry about neighbours living behind you. Your view of the lake, and it's peaceful ambiance, are guaranteed to stay, unlike a view of a field from another property. However, you may find that people end up in your backyard from time to time, not realizing they are on private property. This can be easily remedied by posting signs or limiting access to your property, but it is something to keep in mind.

Owning a lakefront home in Calgary can be a dream! Start here with the latest in lakefront houses for sale or contact us below the listings to learn more or for a custom list of homes that meet your search criteria and price.

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