The 10 Best Off-Leash Dog Parks in Calgary

The 10 Best Off-Leash Dog Parks in Calgary

Calgary is one of the most dog-friendly cities in Alberta, with over 150 off-leash areas in addition to many pet-friendly services like dog walkers, grooming businesses, and boutique stores with treats for pups. Residents of Calgary looking for a place to let their pups run free won't have to look far for an off-least place to play. Keep in mind that these are multi-use spaces, not dog parks. Familiarize yourself with the rules for off-leash spaces in Calgary, and then enjoy exploring the many off-leash parks in the city.

Northwest Off-Leash Parks

Nose Hill ParkThe 10 Best Off-Leash Dog Parks in Calgary

One of the largest parks in North America, Nose Hill Park is a massive open space for hiking, walking, or bringing a picnic with seemingly endless off leash space for your dog to explore. Wander along 300 km of informal trails with your dog as he explores off leash. This park is accessible from multiple Calgary neighbourhoods, making it a daily stomping grounds for many Northwest Calgary residents.

Bowmont Park

Located along the northern bank Bow River, Bowmont Park has a fenced area and spacious off-leash areas for your dog to enjoy. The enormous space is perfect for taking a long walk or trail run. Fun for the whole family, the park features picnic tables, playgrounds, baseball and soccer fields in addition to space for dogs to play.

The 10 Best Off-Leash Dog Parks in CalgaryEdworthy Park

If your dog loves to run, consider Edworthy Park. This park features some of the largest wide open space in the city for dogs to run and play. One portion of the park features many hills to run and a beautiful view of the city skyline, while the other area offers access to the Bow River for water-loving dogs.

Northeast Off-Leash Parks

Rotary Park

Rotary Park is just as fun for dogs as it is for the whole family, with abundant off-leash space, a splash pad open during warmer months, and a playground to enjoy all year long. The playground is accessible, making this an ideal choice for families looking for a place to play with their dog and a child with special needs.

Tom Campbell's Hill

Tom Campbell's Hill has an interesting local history, once used as ranchland, then the home of some of Calgary Zoo's exotic species. In 1991 the space became a beautiful community park overlooking the Bow River, with abundant off leash space and plentiful wildlife to observe. Featuring one of the best views of Downtown Calgary, this spot is a favorite because it is equally engaging for pups and their owners.The 10 Best Off-Leash Dog Parks in Calgary

Southwest Off-Leash Parks

River Park

Located on the ridge above Sandy Beach, River Park has a spacious off-leash area and beautiful views. The park features the Cat Margetts Memorial Park, a dog fountain where pups can cool off on hot sunny days. This is the largest and most used off-leash area of the Britannia/Landsdowne/River Park triad.

Shaganappi Park

This quaint park has an off-leash area surrounded by a small forested area. The park is perfect for spending  time outside with the home family, featuring tennis courts and a children's playground. Downtown Calgary is just minutes away, and a spectacular view of the downtown skyline can be enjoyed from the park.

Southeast Off-Leash Parks

Elliston Park

For a change of scenery, visit Elliston Park. While many of the off-leash areas in Calgary feature river access and wide open prairie space to run through, Elliston Park is oriented around a reservoir of storm water. You will find playgrounds, picnic tables, washrooms, manicured rose gardens and plenty of benches in addition to a spacious off leash area, all with views of the peaceful reservoir.

Sue Higgins Park

Located along the Bow River, Sue Higgins Park is home to the largest fenced off-leash dog area in the city and features mostly marshy areas and grasslands to explore. You will find everything you could ask for in a dog park, including weave poles and moguls for playing and training, open fields for unlimited fetch, shade trees to cool off beneath, space to play alone or other dogs to socialize your pup. If your dog likes to swim, you can enjoy four different access points to the Bow River, in addition to calm and shallow wading areas. 


Hosting three off-leash sites, Queensland is one of the largest dog parks in the area. The three areas and connected in a crescent shape around the neighbourhood, making this residential community a favorite among dog owners. The middle section is fenced, while the other two have open borders. At a leisurely pace, you can explore the entire park in under an hour, enjoying views of Fish Creek Park and the Bow River.

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